IMPACT Texas Needs Your Talent and Time 
Why Should I Volunteer?  
IMPACT Texas Needs You!  Volunteering strengthens our community while bringing joy to others that are currently in need. We would love for you to join our volunteer team by registering to volunteer at our Backpack to School Bash.  By serving others we have an opportunity to build rapport with our community, network with peers by sharing our creative talents, exchange solutions and most of all having fun while making an IMPACT on others lives.

Volunteers are an important asset to our corporation.  All volunteers will work under the direction of the CEO and the Board of Directors.  By completing the online volunteer registration form you are agreeing to volunteer with a focus towards the corporation's mission.  Volunteers are responsible for their own risk and the Corporation will not reimburse or reward volunteers for services they may provide. 


Spanish to English
Jorge and Alma J.


Julia R.
Markel S.
Punita P.
Veronica G.
Nicole B.
Liz G.
Michelle H.
Jed S.
Shelia I.
Jeanette K.
Nelda R. 
Charles "T" 
Shirley T.
Casey G. 
Jimmy J.
Deja I. 
Val L.
CPL. Dillard
Deb M.
Rocky E. 
Joseph C.
Jorge J. 
Jeanette S.
Stephanie H.
Julia R.
Charles "T"
Curtis C.
Stephanie H.
Jackie A.
Charles "T"
Jock C.
David P.
Shelia I.
Julia R.
Joseph C.


Volunteering at the Backpack to School Bash has been a great experience. 

It's a fun atmosphere with all the activities. 

It's rewarding to see the children receiving their backpacks and other goodies.  -- Val - 2017
Dear Impact Texas,-

Thank you for the opportunity to volunteer at the 2017 Impact Texas Backpack Bash. 

It feels good to be able to contribute to the community that you serve and to provide much needed school supplies to underserved children. 

Please know that I will continue to help you serve the community going forward for years to come.

Thanks again. -
- Jimmy - 2017
Hey Stephanie!

I just want to tell you that I am sooooooooo proud of you!!  You are really making a difference in the community and helping so many families!  I really enjoyed
seeing IMPACT Texas on the news because you guys are doing some really good things.   Thanks for inviting me to volunteer and I pray that you will have an even more successful event next year.  Keep striving for success!  -- CPL. Dillard - 2016
Hello Stephanie!

Thank you so very much for the note, goodie bag and most importantly  the opportunity to participate in the 2016 Backpack to School Bash!  The
children were amazing and it was so great to be a part of such a wonderful cause. Thank you for all you and your nonprofit does to help serve and prepare students as they prepare for the new school year! Best... -- Nicole - 2016
 I had a great time at IMPACT Texas Backpack to School Bash. 

The experience was phenomenal because anytime you help “The Youth," it’s a blessing in itself. 

Bringing the community closer together is always positive too. -- Joseph 2017
This was my third year volunteering at the Backpack to School Bash-Pflugerville and I also volunteer at the Houston-Bash.  I enjoy serving the community and working with  IMPACT Texas.  This Corporation is committed to their mission and always improving their program events. This Corporation is Awesome!  --Julia - 2017
I enjoy working with IMPACT Texas as a volunteer.  I particpate at their Backpack Bash in Houston and Pflugerville.  It facinates me each year how the Corporation continues to develop with new sponsors, exhibits and activities for the students. 

I wish you continued success with meeting the Corporation's mission because IMPACT Texas is offering a needed service to the community. 

See you again next year!  --"T"-2017